Google+ Deserves Serious Consideration

There is a new kid on the social networking block‚Äö√Ñ√ÆGoogle+. People love to share content online and Google+ has tapped into that desire in a big way with their new social networking platform. While Google+ is still in the “invitation-only” phase it had already taken off in a big way with over 10 million users in the last two weeks. That number is increasing rapidly and is expected to continue to grow.

Google has tapped into its already large user base to build the fastest growing social network ever. Google+ is not only popular because Google has leveraged its user base, but also because it designed Google+ for sharing and did it in a smart way. It’s typical Google minimalism organized in a way that real people actually interact. I won’t bore you with the details since there have been many articles about them already, but know that Google seems to have built a solid sharing platform with better design, functionality and security than Facebook or Twitter.

More people means more opportunity for you to reach your audience. If the growth continues for Google+ and it can keep people coming back, then you need a presence to increase your reach.

Let’s not forget that we are talking about Google here. Obviously any content you share on Google+ is very likely to improve your SEO ranking. As I mentioned in a previous article, quality content that people want to share is very important in having high rankings, especially with the new algorithm that Google deployed. Google+ is another way to share high-quality content. Since Google+ is designed around sharing, your content on Google+ is likely have a positive impact on your rankings.

Yes, Google+ is one more network for you to have to take into consideration in your content and social media strategy, but we believe it is worth the additional effort. It’s still too new to know if it will continue to take off and become a viable competitor to Facebook or Twitter.
However, if Google+ is able to continue its rapid user growth and keep people coming back, then we believe it stands a chance.