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Is Facebook Losing Relevance?

I was reading an article recently about why people are cutting back on their use of Facebook. I have several friends that have cut back on their Facebook usage and even a couple that have cancelled their accounts all together. I have been slowly changing my approach to Facebook, as well. How will this impact small businesses on Facebook? This is an important question for marketers.

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Should You Quit Social Media?

Client: “Jason, we just can’t keep up with this social media. It’s too much work and I’m not even sure we’re getting any value from it.”

Me: “Let’s see what we can do to help. Would you send over your reports and I’ll take a look at them?”

Client: “What reports?”

Me: “Your social media reports. The one’s we recommended in the…”

I trailed off at that point when I started hearing my client say, “Ummmmm…” and heard paper being shuffled around. I realized the reports were not being used. I wasn’t even sure if they were being produced. Social media is a great tool, and like any tool you need to evaluate its effectiveness to determine if it makes sense to keep using it.

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Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Social Media Strategy

Measuring the effectiveness of your social media strategy is challenging. What you are doing with social media, which networks and platforms you are using, and what your goals and objectives are, all make it difficult to determine if your efforts are paying off or not. Nonetheless, just because it’s challenging doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Some sort of measurement is needed. Here I provide you with the information to get started.

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A Typical Day in Social Media

Everyone’s day looks different. We each have our own responsibilities and tasks that we have to do. Social media consumes a fair bit of time for most small businesses, especially if you are doing it right. You have to stay on top of what people are saying about your small business, and respond to any comments or mentions that happen on your social media networks. So what does a typical day look like?

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Future of Social Media

There are a lot of articles and entire websites dedicated to social media and how it will help your small business. I’ve made the case for social media many times on this blog and to my clients directly. I’ve always prefaced any recommendations with the caveat that social media is only one of many tools. I do this so that clients don’t get wrapped up in one single marketing channel. The future of social media and specific networks of social media are still very much in question.

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