Squidoo Promotion for Your Small Business [Quick Tip]

Squidoo is a great way for your small businesses to promote your products and services, as well as highlight your thought leadership in your industry. It is an easy way gain quality links and traffic back to your website. It is free to setup a Squidoo account and easy to start building a page, called a “lens,” without any special knowledge or help.

Squidoo Is Great For Small Businesses

Squidoo is a great way to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry by creating a lens loaded with valuable content that people will find useful. A Squidoo lens is the perfect place to put together a tutorial, how-to guide, or tips. Sharing your knowledge is the best way build your lens. Squidoo also makes it easy to add photos and videos to your lens to attract more readers.

You can easily go beyond tutorials and how-to guides and create any type of content that works for your small business. Many small businesses use Squidoo lenses to highlight content that does not normally fit within their blog or other communications channels, but is still valuable and interesting. One client puts up a lens every year for their annual company party that humanizes and showcases their entire team to for their clients. The content possibilities are endless and you can create as many lenses about as many topics as you want, all leading back to your website.

Squidoo lens are a great source of traffic and backlinks. Search engines value links from Squidoo so it helps with page rank. More importantly, your lens will showcase your knowledge enticing people to visit your website. That is a great source of highly qualified traffic for lead generation.

Squidoo offers a variety of tools to help you set up your lens and publish it to the world. You do not need a web developer or any special knowledge to setup a lens. You can get started today by visiting Squidoo.com.

Resources to Get Started With Squidoo

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