Getting More Out of Twitter [Quick Tip]

Twitter is a great way to generate more traffic for your blog and build real relationships with your followers. You are probably already using Twitter, but might be wondering how you can get more out of it. Here are some tips that will make your Twitter experience more fun and rewarding.

Your Twitter Profile

  • Use a clear photo of yourself or your business logo. Pictures of pets, celebrities, or photos that are closeups, distorted, or otherwise unrecognizable do not gain trust with other Twitter users. Keep the default image is even worse.
  • Complete your bio. Try to use all 160 characters. Even though there is a separate field for a link, you should also include a link into your bio, just use a different link. The bio link is indexed by search engines, which is great for SEO.
  • Make use of your Twitter background to promote your business‚Äö√Ñ√Æadd your business logo, website, telephone number, and other relevant information.


  • Stay positive, be nice, and, most importantly, be you yourself.
  • Always credit the original when retweeting with “RT @[twitteraccount] or via @[twitteraccount]”.
  • If you want to be retweeted, leave enough space (about 25-30 characters, which means your tweets should not be longer than 115 characters).
  • Avoid posting only about yourself or your business‚Äö√Ñ√Ætweet about other things and about your followers.
  • Don’t attack people.
  • Do not send automated welcome messages‚Äö√Ñ√Æthey are not liked and will make you look bad.
  • Use hashtags (those are the words that start with #); you can use them anywhere in your tweets.

Power Tips

  • Use a third party program like Hootsuite, TweetDeck, or one of the many others out there to get the most from Twitter.
  • Use Buffer to schedule your tweets.
  • Use to shorten your Twitter links. is free, has built-statistics to track clicks and is well respected in the Twitter community.
  • Don’t feel compelled to read every tweet or pay attention to Twitter constantly‚Äö√Ñ√Æit’s not possible and not expected.
  • Check your account daily.
  • Always respond to direct messages and replies to your tweets.
  • Make use of lists to categorize who you are following.

Twitter is a great way to engage a large audience. Be creative, be yourself, and treat Twitter like you would a conversation with a real person. Don’t spam people or only talk about yourself or your business. Keep it interesting and follow these tips for a better Twitter experience.