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Listening‚Äö√Ñ√ÆWe Think We Do It, But We Really Don’t

When we attract a new client, our first inclination is to jump in head first and start working. We want our clients to see us actively engaged on their project to validate their choice in selecting us. We start by telling the client all of the exciting things we have planned. We list off ideas and explain process, but we do not take the time to listen. This is a missed opportunity and one you want to avoid.

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Create Guiding Principles for Your Business Communications

Reaching out to your audience—be it potential customers, existing customers, thought leadership, influencers, or a combination of them all—the approach you choose is critical. Most business have a series of guiding principles that help drive their communications. Creating a set of guiding principles for your business communications helps build a solid audience and a strong social media following. Here are some ideas that I put together to help your create yours.

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Is Facebook Losing Relevance?

I was reading an article recently about why people are cutting back on their use of Facebook. I have several friends that have cut back on their Facebook usage and even a couple that have cancelled their accounts all together. I have been slowly changing my approach to Facebook, as well. How will this impact small businesses on Facebook? This is an important question for marketers.

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What You Can Learn from Comcast, One of the Worst Companies in America

Comcast is one of the worst companies in America¬¨‚Ćaccording to Harris Interactive. In fact, Comcast’s customer service is so bad they are one of only three companies with such a high level of customer¬¨‚Ćdissatisfaction. Comcast shares this dubious distinction with Halliburton and with financial companies that brought the economy to its knees in 2007, gaving us the worst recession since the Great Depression. Why is Comcast so¬¨‚Ćawful¬¨‚Ćand, more importantly, what can you learn from it?

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Should You Quit Social Media?

Client: “Jason, we just can’t keep up with this social media. It’s too much work and I’m not even sure we’re getting any value from it.”

Me: “Let’s see what we can do to help. Would you send over your reports and I’ll take a look at them?”

Client: “What reports?”

Me: “Your social media reports. The one’s we recommended in the…”

I trailed off at that point when I started hearing my client say, “Ummmmm…” and heard paper being shuffled around. I realized the reports were not being used. I wasn’t even sure if they were being produced. Social media is a great tool, and like any tool you need to evaluate its effectiveness to determine if it makes sense to keep using it.

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